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Wireless Mono Headset


  • Around 64 hours for music play and around 29 hours for call
  • 30 mm composite diaphragm driver for more immersive audio experience
  • Dual MIC noise reduction technology + DNN noise reduction technology
  • Detachable ear pad, adjustable and stainless steel headband, rotatable Microphone
  • boom, available for wearing on left or right
A woman wearing edifier CC200 Wireless Mono Headset

More Efficient Study and Work

Free from constraints, excellent communication anytime, anywhere. Improve the efficiency of your meeting and study.

Dual MIC AI Call Noise Cancellation

The beamforming microphones on CC200 pick up and enhance your voice with incredible accuracy through DNN noise cancellation technology and AI algorithm, bringing you high-quality even in a noisy environment.

Audiogram for edifier cc200 wireless mono headset
EDIFIER C200 headset with

Up to 64h Long Battery Life

CC200 adopts USB Type-C interface design. A built-in high-performance and large-capacity battery, with an endurance of up to 64h, which provides uninterrupted music enjoyment.Note: The data is gathered in the standard environment in the Edifier Acoustic Lab. The actual playback time and charging time may vary due to various conditions such as playback environment, volume, and audio source.

Adjustable Headband

Ergonomically designed adjustable and retractable stainless steel headband offers you comfort and lightness when wearing. Freely adjust for a comfortable fit.

A man wearing EDIFIER CC200 wireless mono headset
Rotation diagram of edifier cc200 headset

Rotatable MIC Boom

Rotatable MIC boom, 240° back and forth adjustment. Accurately picking up sound at any angle and greatly improving the call clarity.

Multiple Devices Compatible

Support PC of mainstream Windows and Mac operating systems, compatible with mainstream Android, iOS mobile phones, etc. Convenient connection in one go.

Edifier cc200 mono headset with laptop and phone

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Thawatchai Dasiri


Great voice clarity but with fiddly controls

This headset has a lot of good things going for it, the voice clarity really is superb and it's lightweight and comfortable to wear.It's quite a large fit so probably only suitable for larger heads or people with lots of hair. Battery life is superb to the point where you don't have to charge it more than once a week even if you use it all the time. Build quality seems really good and the price is reasonable.The only thing I'm not particularly impressed by is the controls, the mute button is quite hard to use and all the buttons are quite small and I quite often find myself pressing the wrong button by accident.

Rock Bollinger
Edifier CC200

These mono headsets are great for when you need one ear available to listen to your environment.Sound quality was great, both from the earpiece and the microphone. We appreciated the long battery life of up to 29 hours on a call.The noise reduction technology worked really well. This is a comfortable headset and very lightweight, you'd barely notice you had it on.

Bookends & Bagends
Fantastic headset, absolutely no negatives.

I'm not lying or exaggerating when I say that this headset has been revolutionary when working both in the office and at home.Connection via Bluetooth is simple and fuss-free with the headset being recognised straight away, it immediately picks up where it left off as once paired it connects in seconds when turned back on.Audio is crystal clear as is my voice on the other end and the range is beyond belief. When paired with my HP Elitebook upstairs I can roam the house, and go downstairs/outside with absolutely no drop-off or issue. The same in the office, I've been in a meeting and walked over 50ft (160m+) into the tea-point with a closed door, walls in the way, and again there was no connectivity drop off or audio impairment.Battery life is fantastic and I've used it for six/seven hours on not a full charge and it hasn't come close to running out of battery. Charging is easy with the included USB-C cable and it can be used when charging.There are a couple of buttons on the side, power, volume etc. and it's very ergonomically designed and able to sit on either side of the head and the microphone has a great range of movement.For the price I couldn't ask for any more and the performance is equalled with fantastic build quality, its got a nice weight to it but is extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods.Well worth it!

Brilliant Sound and So Comfortable

I have been using an in ear type of bluetooth headset but maybe it's the shape of my ears but the module part is just so uncomfortable when fitted around my ear that within a few hours it starts to hurt, when I saw this set I thought that it might be a better option for me and I wasn't wrong.This headset is just so comfortable that I hardly know that it's on and even though this is larger it actually feels lighter to wear.On opening, I put the headset on charge which only took about thirty minutes so it must have come with a decent charge held in the battery. Everything required is supplied for getting this up and running although it is all really self explanatory.I like to listen to a little music whilst working in my home office and with this set I can have music from my phone and still answer a call when needed all without even needing the phone with me. I tend to leave my phone downstairs but the bluetooth on these is so good that it's as if I have the phone next to me.Although the music and speech is only in one ear it is still of a very good quality and without any muffled voices. On making calls this again has no problems with people at the other end hearing me clearly and without hiss or crackles. The only reason I don't use a full headset over both ears whilst I'm working is that I also need to be able to hear what's going on around me and this set allows me to do just that.Terrific headset for working at home or in the office.Recommended.

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