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Introducing Edifier’s first-ever NFT Collection

Upcoming NFT drops

All drop will take place at 8 PM EST. Follow @edifier_global on Instagram to get the latest notification.

The NFT will come with the actual product presented in the glass display

Common * 10 | Available on 03/29

 The NFT will come with the actual product presented in the glass display + a grab bag

Rare * 5 | Available on 04/01

The NFT will come with the actual product presented in the glass display + lifetime discounts.

Epic *  1 | Available on 04/03

How it works

Collect the NFTs from the initial drop

Receive the actual product presented in the NFT

Unlock bonus content such as grab bags


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non - fungible token. NFTs are crypto assets in which each token is unique unlike a fungible asset like a dollar, where one dollar is interchangeable with any other dollar or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, where one Bitcoin is interchangeable with any other Bitcoin. Because each NFT is unique, they can be used to authenticate the ownership of digital assets like videos, music, and art. Because of their uniqueness, they enable a digital collectible experience like Edifier Sound of the Future Series.

How do I purchase Edifier NFTs?

To purchase an Edifier NFT, you must sign into or create your crypto wallet to interact with the blockchain.

You can then purchase Edifier NFTs using your credit card or by using Ethers (Ethereum native cryptocurrency) in your wallet. Once your payment is successfully processed, your purchased NFTs will be available in the crypto wallet used to sign in to the Marketplace. Edifier NFT collection will be listed on OpenSea, a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs.

How do I claim the actual product?

You will receive fully detailed information on how to claim the actual product after the NFT purchase. This will lead you to the internal chat with Edifier Marketing team. Make sure you follow the steps. 

Can I get a refund on my NFT purchase?

All purchases of NFTs are final and not refundable. We encourage the community to consider their purchases carefully before participating in an auction or before purchasing one of our fixed price NFTs.

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