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W820NB Plus

Wireless Noise Cancellation Over-Ear Headphones


  • Hassle-free phone calls with DNN noise cancellation technology
  • Experience the upgraded noise cancellation with ANC depth of up to -43dB
  • Up to 49 hours continuous playback when ANC off
  • Personalize your listening experience with customizable EQ , soothing sounds via Edifier Connect APP
  • Latency as low as 0.08s under game mode
  • Hi-Res Audio & Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified
  • 40mm dynamic driver with Titanium coated composite diaphragm plus LDAC codec
  • Both wireless Bluetooth connectivity and wired USB connectivity
  • Better sound quality and less pressure for all-day wearing comfort

Color: Black

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Ivory
A girl watching the phone wearing EDIFIER TO-U6+ wireless earbuds

Environmental Noise Cancellation Crystal Clear as a Face-To-Face Talk

Adopting the deep neural network call noise cancellation technology, the W820NB Plus can intelligently identify environmental noises, accurately pick up vocals and eliminate noises. A clear voice call is guaranteed even in noisy situations. Make communication as smooth as face-to-face.

Active Noise Cancellation Deep to -43dB Only Music in Your Ears

With the hybrid ANC technology and the sealed ear wrapping design, the W820NB Plus can automatically identify noise and transmit the corrected signals. The noise cancellation depth is further up to -43dB. So you can better cope with complex noisy scenes in daily life such as airports, subways, buses, etc. Keep the noises out.

* This data is provided by the Edifier Lab.

A woman wearing EDIFIER TO-U6+ headphones in the training
edifier to-u6+ headphones charging with the wireless charging

Ambient Sound Awareness Real-Time Perception of the Environment

Activate the ambient sound mode. No need to take off the headphones. Listen to music while perceiving the surroundings. No worry about missing important information, nor the bus or airport broadcasts, vehicle reminders, etc. Travel at ease.

Note: You can go to Edifier Connect App for the ambient sound level adjustment.

49 Hours Long Battery Life No More Worry about Power Running Out

With the built-in large-capacity battery and the low power consumption Bluetooth chip, the power supply is sufficient for about 49 hours playback. No fear of power interruption during your travel. Enjoy your playlist at will.

* Playback time may vary depending on surroundings, volume level and audio sources.

A woman wearing EDIFIER to-u6+ pink earbuds with 4 sizes of ear tips

LDAC Audio Codec Feel the Rich Details

The W820NB Plus features LDAC high definition codecs technology, with the transmission bandwidth up to 990kbps, like the highway in wireless protocol. The high bit-rate audio files are greatly protected during wireless transmission, with about 3 times music details retained, offering nearly lossless sound, natural and full.

* The actual experience may vary due to different audio sources, environmental factors, devices and other factors.
* LDAC and LDAC logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation.* LDAC codec only compatible with Android devices.
* To ensure Hi-Res list

App Customization Create Your Own Music World

Download Edifier Connect App to explore more music possibilities. Also for more individual demands like power display, EQ selection, shutdown timer, prompt volume, and soothing sounds, etc.

* You can go and find the soothing sounds in Edifier Connect App and click to play your favorite white noise sounds / relaxation content to loosen up.

the hand put one edifier TO-U6+ earbud in the headphone box
A woman wearing EDIFIER to-u6+ pink earbuds with 4 sizes of ear tips

0.08 Seconds Low Latency Victory as Usual

In the game mode, the latency is as low as 0.08s, while the sound and pictures are highly synchronized. The positions in game is accurately heard, to devote yourself to the game battlefield easily. Play with your role as one.

* The latency data is from Edifier Lab, and the actual experience may be slightly different depending on the testing equipment.

Wired + Wireless Best Sound Guaranteed

Certified by the Hi-Res audio & the Hi-Res Wireless audio, the W820NB Plus's high-frequency bandwidth is up to 40kHz. The music is reproduced with high resolution, more details, wider soundstage, and richer emotions. Wired or wireless, enjoy the high quality sound with vitality.

* "Hi-Res Audio" Logo and "Hi-Res Audio Wireless" Logo are used under license from Japan Audio Society.

EDIFIER TO-U6+ wireless bluetooth headphones with water on
A woman tapping the edifier to-u6+ earbud

Fine Tuned Drivers Dynamic and Powerful

The selected 40mm titanium coated composite diaphragm drivers have excellent transient response, greatly improving the resolution of high frequencies. They deliver a thick and dynamic bass & rich and transparent mid-treble. The powerful drums, soft vocals and melodious piano in the music are so exquisite that they touch your heartstrings instantly. The W820NB Plus amazes you like a live music show.

Lightweight Design Texture and Comfort Guaranteed

Based on Edifier's ear database, the design is repeatedly refined. The super soft headband and ear cushions are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The headphone arm is retractable to fit different sizes of heads, giving you a secure fit with less pressure.

EDIFIER TO-U6+ wireless bluetooth headphones with water on
A woman tapping the edifier to-u6+ earbud

Good Ear Cushions for Great Bass Quality and Passive Noise Cancellation

Wrap tightly to effectively prevent leaking, and the bass is enhanced. Closely fit ears for full physical noise cancellation. Enjoy the sound of nature and experience better noise cancellation performance.

Fashion Colors Multiple Choices

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tried many competitors - chosen Edifier W820NB Plus

I tried Soundcore Space One, Sony CH720, 1More Sonoflo, Oneodio A10 before deciding to keep the Edifier 820 Plus. I focused on a good mic, good fit good (rich) sound, good volume and good nc. The app wasn’t a priority. Each one had its good and bad sides. By the way, I am iPhone user - so can’t take advantage of high res.
Soundcores at £70 had the best app, good mic, and lots of features. Unfortunately the sound was lacking on the low end and didn’t have enough comfort. It was also on the heavy side and didn’t clamp well to my average size head. I wanted to like it for the features, but the sound (with tweaks to the eq) didn’t go well.
1More Sonoflows - £64 - comfy, bit heavy, decent app, good sound. However the volume was on the low end and the mic was horrible. NC was good.
Oneodio A10 - £70 - didn’t like it at all. The mic and sound were quite bad. Volume was low. So worst out of the bunch.
Sony CH720 - £90 - good app, good volume, great mic, very light weight, (big plus), good nc. However, didn’t clamp to my head well. It also had a bit too much bass. even though I like bass, and enjoy a 12” REL subwoofer with the home audio, the bass wasn’t crisp or enjoyable.
These are just my personal opinions. Edifier 820 Plus has a bad and limited app. But I only used it once to choose 1 of ONLY 4 eq presets (Rock) and then deleted the app. It works great. Good sound, good volume, good price, 2 year warranty, high res works amazing via PC (connected via usb-c only). It is not perfect, no 3.5mm jack, limited eq, doesn’t fold, etc. but it was the second lightest after the sony, sounds good, has a good mic, fits well and was £60 with good nc. Hope my experience helps. Good luck!

Low price High grace

Comfort. Very comfortable, literally weightless, my big ear feels great when worn. And good noise reduction plunges you into oblivion.
Sound. If you listen with LDAC, then the sound is very clear, full, enveloping. Personally, this required me to adjust the equalizer a little and select the best preset (rock), since it seemed that the middle was a little lacking.
Appearance. Let's be honest? It's simple, it's neat, it's beautiful. I want to be as careful as possible with this thing.
Conclusion. They are simply great. For its price and the care that goes into their overall design, this is priceless.

I'm surprised!

I was really surprised by the quality of the ANC, left my noise life in silence. I didn't believe that a headphone of this price could offer great quality.

Liunardy Darmawan

I love this headphone
Middle so natural and this bass ounchy in my ear

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