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W830BT Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones
As low as $89.99
1 Year Warranty 7 Day Return Policy
  • Bluetooth V4.1

  • aptX® Audio Decoding

  • 95-hour Play Time

  • Foldable

W830BT Bluetooth Headphones
These Bluetooth around-ear headphones are designed to be your reliable companion and let you have the total freedom to be yourself.
Ergonomic design
The ear cups are adjustable in multiple directions, fitting well with human ears. The clamping has been strictly tested as well. Foldable ear cups could also lay flat.  Padded headband combined with premium foam ear cushions for incredible listening comfort.   Put the headphones in the included travel case and take them with you everywhere.
The 40mm Neodymium Drivers
40mm Neodymium drivers have been meticulously tuned to deliver exceptional audio reproduction and share the truth of your favorite music.
Lower Latency
Bluetooth 4.1 and the CSR chip ensure lower latency, lower power consumption, more stable signal, and music of higher quality.
AptX® Decoding
EDIFIER W830BT employs high-definition audio support with aptX® to ensure the best wireless audio performance from a Bluetooth-enabled device.
Extended Playback Time
With the revolutionary 1500mAh battery, EDIFIER W830BT has a play time up to 95 hours.
Play time
95 hours
Newly Improved Metal Structure
An invisible steel bar runs through the headband. Core part of the supporting shaft was designed with the advanced MIM (Metal Injecting Modeling) technology, making sure that the whole headphone is firm and durable. EDIFIER W830BT also easily passed the 10000-time headband expanding test.


Bluetooth version: V4.1
Bluetooth protocol: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
Effective distance: 10m
Playback time: 95h
Input: 5.0V⎓1A 
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sound pressure level: 96dB
Impedance: 24Ω
Product Support
W830BT Bluetooth Headphone User Manual 4.3 MB
No sound from L/R headphone?
1. When the headset is being charged, press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously (the blue light flashing three times rapidly) to restore to factory settings and clear pairing records in the mobile phone. Then turn off and restart the headset for connection again.
2. Try another device for connection.
3. If no sound in AUX mode, check if the audio cable connector is inserted into the correct port; if still no sound, try another device for connection.
Cannot connect to a mobile phone?
1. Please ensure the red and blue lights flash alternately when pairing, then try another device for connection.
2. Firstly restore the headset to factory settings and clear pairing records in the mobile phone; secondly, turn off and restart the headset; then press and hold the multi-function button for connection again (the red and blue lights flashing alternately).
No sound from the headset when the AUX cable is plugged in?
1. Turn up the volume of the audio source device.
2. Try another mobile phone for connection.
3. Try another AUX cable for connection.