Gx High-Fidelity Gaming Headset

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  • 50mm Titanium Driver

    50mm Titanium Driver

  • ENC Dual Mic Noise Cancellation

    ENC Dual Mic Noise Cancellation

  • Dual-Mode Sound Effects

    Dual-Mode Sound Effects

  • Dynamic RGB sound effect

    Dynamic RGB sound effect

  • Multi-Device Compatibility

    Multi-Device Compatibility

  • Futuristic Design

    Futuristic Design

Edifier Gx

Be A Futuristic Trend Setter

Satisfy the gamer in you with the signature HECATE design Edifier Gx gaming headsets. The futuristic style and mechanical tuning wheel gives them an upgraded look and feel that's bound to make you a trendsetter in your gaming community.

edifier gaming earbuds

New Gen Edifier High Decoding Unit

With the new generation 50mm titanium driver that's carefully tuned by the legendary Edifier Acoustics Laboratory, you are bound to get a pristine sound experience. The Hi-Res Audio standard perfects every gaming experience and leaves you wanting more. With the 96KHz/24-bit high resolution decoding transmission, you are bound to enjoy high-fidelity sound quality every time you switch to gaming mode.

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ENC Dual Mic Noise Cancellation with Active Noise Filter

The Edifier Gx gaming headphones are complete with a dual microphone that's finished off with a professional noise-canceling chip. It actively detects and filters ambient noise and focuses on enhancing gaming sounds. Focus on your game and have barrier-free communication while on voice chat mode.

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Unstoppable Voice Chat Guaranteed

With specially tuned EQ sound effects that are a must for gamers, the HECATE Gx gaming headphones are a gamer's dream. You can switch between gaming and music mode effortlessly and focus on winning every game, every time. Whether it's a battlefield or maze, you are bound to be a victor.

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Precise Sound Experience For Every Battlefield

With the Edifier Gx gaming headsets, you can be part of the game. Whether it’s explosions on the battlefield or rustling footsteps, you’ll always know when your enemy is about to attack and the direction they are coming from.

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Personalize Your Gaming Experience

With the built-in 8 RGB lighting effects, you can personalize your HECATE Gx gaming headphones to your preference. You can easily avoid software glitches and create your own exclusive gaming atmosphere.

edifier gaming headsets

Widely Compatible With Multiple Devices

The Edifier Gx gaming headphones are compatible with multiple devices including PC, Notebooks, Phones, PS4,and other popular gaming devices.

edifier gaming headphones

Ultimate Performance, Simple Control

The iconic HECATE design focuses mainly on functionality. The ergonomic design makes the Edifier Gx gaming headphones comfortable to wear and has an easy-access control panel. Focus on your game and leave the technicalities to us.


Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz
Driver unit: Φ50mm dynamic unit
Sensitivity: 97±3dB
Impedance: 24Ω
Interfaces: Type-C/USB/3.5mm
Product Support
Gx High-Fidelity Gaming Headset User Manual 1.5 MB
What kind of output interface of the device does Gx support?
Gx is equipped with 3 types of cables, which support being connected to devices with USB, 3.5mm*, and Type-C output interface.
*With the 3.5mm cable being connected, the mic is not available.
 How to adjust the volume?
You can simply use the volume control roller on the headphone to turn up/down the volume.